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Attic Insulation in the Boise, ID Area

Technician blowing insulation into an attic.Are you looking for insulation contractors serving the Boise area? The team at Big City Insulation of Idaho has you covered.

We work with homeowners and builders for retrofit and new construction projects throughout Boise, Meridian, Twin Falls and more.

Insulation Materials We Install in Homes

To help ensure your home is as energy-efficient as possible, our professionals install different attic insulation materials.

We offer:

  • Batt fiberglass: Batt insulation comes in pre-cut panels and is typically made of fiberglass. It’s one of the most common forms of insulation available. Batts can be installed in various areas, such as the attic and walls.
  • Blown-in fiberglass: Fiberglass is available in blown-in form and can be sprayed into many areas or crevices of a home, from the attic to the walls.
  • Loose-fill cellulose: Cellulose is made from recycled newsprint and other recycled paper — consisting of up to 80% recycled content and requiring less energy to make than other types of insulation. It’s one of the most environmentally friendly insulation materials available.

When you need insulation for your attic or commercial project, we’re up for the job.

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Benefits of Insulating Your Attic

As a significant source of energy loss in homes, an attic should be properly insulated. This means that even if yours isn’t finished, you should still insulate it. Not having the right amount of attic insulation can hinder your attempts at home efficiency and result in high energy bills.

Depending on your attic and unique situation, different types of home insulation may be the most viable solution, since there’s no one type of insulation that’s right for every attic.

Batt fiberglass is one of the most commonly installed types of insulation and works well in many attics. Blown-in fiberglass is ideal for filling small gaps and cracks and has excellent soundproofing abilities. Cellulose is one of the most environmentally friendly insulation materials and, like blown-in fiberglass, absorbs sound well.

Attic insulation or loft insulation can help:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Make your home a more comfortable space
  • Create a uniform temperature throughout your house
  • Reduce outside noises
  • Contribute to a healthier environment

Need attic insulation in Boise? Contact us online or call 208-488-4962 to get your attic insulation project started.

What’s the Recommended Attic Insulation R-value for Homes in Boise?

Different areas of your home have different R-value recommendations, and homes in different areas of the country have different recommendations based on the climate and cost-effectiveness of the insulation.

This is the R-value recommendation table provided by

Attic Insulation R-Value in Boise

Homes in the Boise, Idaho, area are in zone 5. If you look at the chart above, you can see that the attic should have an R-value between R-38 and R-60, depending on the current insulation levels.

Not sure what R-value means in terms of insulation? Check out our blog on recommended R-Value for Boise home attics.

Contact our Boise insulation contractors online or call 208-488-4962 for your insulation estimate.

Other Residential Insulation Services We Offer

Keeping your home comfortable and energy-efficient all year is probably at the top of your to-do list. At Big City Insulation of Idaho, we make that easy by offering insulation installation and:

  • Insulation removal & replacement: If you have old or damaged insulation in your attic, our experienced team will remove and replace it so you can gain the most energy savings.
  • Air sealing: Air leaks can undermine how well your insulation works. There are many sources of air leaks, from the attic to the windows, so sealing — and insulating — is extremely important.

Contact Boise’s Expert Attic Insulation Contractors

A technician installing blown-in insulation in an atticReady to insulate? Contact Big City Insulation of Idaho and schedule a free attic insulation consultation today. We serve homeowners throughout Boise, Meridian, Nampa and surrounding areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need more insulation?

If your attic isn’t finished and doesn’t have a floor installed, the insulation should completely cover the floor joists and even rise above them a few inches. If the insulation is at or below the tops of the joists, you likely need more.

If your attic is finished or has a floor, you may need the help of an expert, such as our team at Big City Insulation of Idaho, to determine how much insulation it needs.

I have some insulation, but I need more — can I add more on top of it?

In many cases, yes, insulation can be added on top of old insulation. Blown-in or loose-fill can often be added over existing fiberglass batts, blown-in fiberglass or cellulose insulation. Fiberglass batts can also be installed over existing fiberglass batts, crossing perpendicularly to provide better air sealing.

However, the existing insulation may need to be removed first if it’s old or damaged. At Big City Insulation of Idaho, we can help you determine how much and what types of insulation can be added to your attic.

Which insulation is best for attics?

Fiberglass batts work well for knee walls, attic floors and rafters if proper baffles are added for airflow under the roof, but they don’t provide as much air seal as blown-in cellulose or fiberglass.

Blown-in cellulose or fiberglass can quickly add the ideal amount of insulation for the attic — about R-60 in the Boise area. Blown-in insulation also offers decent air sealing, but it can be messy and hard to contain in a single area.

Rockwool is a good alternative to fiberglass that offers better pest and moisture resistance, but it’s also more costly. Rigid foam is ideal for attic rafters, but it’s not as cost-effective as fiberglass or Rockwool batts.

Often a mixture of different types of insulation is best, and at Big City Insulation of Idaho, we can recommend the ideal solution for your needs.

I never go in my attic — why do I need to insulate it?

Your attic can have a direct effect on the comfort of your home. Without proper insulation and air sealing, heat from inside your home can escape through the attic in winter, increasing your heating costs and causing discomfort.

In the summer, the sun beating down on the roof can cause the attic to get excessively hot, and that heat will bleed into your home, making the AC work harder to keep your home comfortable while increasing your cooling costs.

Sealing and insulating the attic can also help keep out pests and minimize air contaminants and allergens.

Services We Provide
Residential Insulation

Our insulation team adds energy efficiency, comfort and value to new and existing homes.

Commercial Insulation

Big City Insulation of Idaho is a leading installer of commercial fiberglass, rigid board and rockwool insulation.

Insulation Removal

Big City Insulation of Idaho provides home insulation removal services.

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